Dialup Internet Accelerator

Using a dialup Internet connection can be frustratingly slow compared to broadband. For many it’s still a cost effective way of connecting to the Internet and for others it’s still the only means available. That’s where the Netfury dialup Internet Accelerator can help. For just £24.99 a year (less than 50 pence a week) a subscription to Netfury Accelerator can increase your dialup connection to a browsing speed comparable to broadband making for a much more enjoyable Internet experience.

  • Just £24.99 per year
  • Works with your existing Internet Service Provider
  • Most Web pages will load between 3-7 Xs faster and in some case up to 25 Xs faster or more*
  • Dynamic Image technology eleminates tradeoff between speed and image quality
  • Easy to install
  • Simple signup process

* Results vary depending on where and how you surf

An Intelligent Dialup Internet Accelerator

Buy Dialup AcceleratorThe Netfury dialup Internet Accelerator is easy to install, works on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems and works with most popular browsers (see system requirements for more details). The more visits you make to specific Website the better performance you will receive. Our dynamic imaging technology means that although images appear degraded when a web page first loads overtime the quality improves to near original image quality. This enables web pages to load much faster than normal but there is no trade off in quality.

More than just Internet Acceleration

The Netfury Dialup Internet Accelerator also includes a user-configurable pop-up blocker for pop-up and pop-under windows (Windows only) and user-configurable blocking of advertisements. Add to that the built-in diagnostics and performance reporting and the Netfury Dialup Internet Accelerator is the best Internet Accelerator available.

Supported End User Platforms


  • Microsoft Windows Apple Macintosh
  • Operating System
  • 98/2000/Me/XP Home/XP Pro
  • OS X 10.2 or later and 10.4 on
  • Intel Mac
  • Memory 128 MB RAM
  • 128 MB RAM minimum (as per OSX)

Buy Dialup AcceleratorBrowsers Supported

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
  • Firefox
  • Mozilla
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2 (Mac)
  • Safari 1.2 (Mac)

Internet Access

Any Internet connection where speed is a concern, including lower-speed wired and wireless broadband (<1 Mbps), satellite, wireless mobile data, dial-up, and 802.11 hotspot connections.

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Mobile Device Accelerator

Faster Internet Access on your mobile device.

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