Introducing the Netfury Internet Accelerator

The Netfury Internet Accelerator increases the speed of your internet connection to make browsing the web a much more enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a dialup user that wants to increase your existing dialup connection to broadband like speeds or a broadband user that wants even faster internet access, the Netfury Internet accelerator can help. Find out more…..

No need to change your existing ISP!

You don’t have to change your existing ISP to use the Internet accelerator; it will work alongside your existing Internet connection whether it is a dialup or broadband connection.

The Fastest and the Smartest Internet Accelerator available!

We’re confident that the Netfury Internet Accelerator is not only the fastest web accelerator available but also the smartest. The Netfury Internet Accelerator will decrease the page load time for most websites making pages load typically 3-7 times faster. In some cases the page will load 25 times faster! Find out more…..

Superior Image Quality compared to other Internet Accelerators

Typically Internet Accelerators decrease the page load times by compressing the images within the page to a very low quality. The Netfury Internet Accelerator dynamically improves the quality of the images to near original quality so you don’t have to compromise on quality to increase the speed of your internet connection. Find out more…..

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Mobile Device Accelerator

Faster Internet Access on your mobile device.

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